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Compassion and Love Through Tantric Massage – A Personal Story

I have learned that Tantric massage has the power to transform and to heal, to breathe new life into our relationships and to be the seed of new beginnings.
Glasgow City Centre, 5 min away from Central Station and Queen Street St

“I recently visited Delight Tantric Massage in Glasgow city centre, it’s my third visit and until recently I had no idea what Tantric massage even was!

The experience was so wonderful and lasting I felt compelled to write about it, to tell my little story about something I was completely unaware of, something with the immense power to transform our lives and our relationships in such a beautiful way.

My story is about compassion and love.

I’m John, a 42 year old male living and working in Glasgow, Scotland.

It was Friday evening, I was on the train and returning home from work in Glasgow centre; sitting opposite me a middle-aged woman, solemnly dressed, stern faced and the picture of unhappiness. It was the weekend, she should have been happy to be going home but instead she looked full of dread and sadness.

I noticed a deep feeling of compassion inside of me for this woman, I felt her pain yet also a love and caring for her, I wanted to comfort her, to embrace her, to tell her everything will be ok.

I’m not an uncompassionate guy but I was certainly surprised at my reaction to this woman, it was as if my senses had been amplified and heightened to tune in and connect to her heart. The night before I experienced my third Tantric massage.

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On the train, she answered her telephone without reaction or emotion, immediately I knew the person at the end of the line was the reason for her sadness. She put down the phone without a word, the train stopped, I got up, I gave her a smile and got off the train. I couldn’t help but wish she could experience what I had gone through the night before, the feeling of inner love, of connectedness, of beauty and compassion, of relaxation, positivity and creativity without object or reason.

Because during my brief time with Tantric massage I have learned that this ancient art has the power to transform and to heal, to breathe new life into our relationships and to be the seed of new beginnings and love.

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Forgot the preconceptions, true Tantric massage is not a sexual service at all, it is a sensual and gentle process dedicated to caressing and elevating the creative energy within us all. Through masterful massage of the body, beautiful music, aromatherapy, ambiance and genuine love, it is possible to see a better way to loving and living, one which is positive, growing and open.

I really hope the woman on the train discovers Tantric massage for women so that next time she answers the phone to her husband, her smile radiates with the joy and delight she deserves!”

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