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Sensual Massage - A Journey of Pleasure and Relaxation

A sensual massage is the perfect choice for indulging into refined pleasure and moments of happiness.
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Everybody needs to have moments of pleasure and delightfulness in their lives.

A sensual massage is the perfect choice for indulging into refined pleasure and moments of happiness. You can enjoy a body to body sensual massage in Delight tantric massage centre in Glasgow or in your intimacy, at home, together with your beloved one.

Delight Sensual Massage – a Means to Reconnect to your Body

We invite you to visit our tantra massage parlour in Glasgow where you will discover that our sensual massage is a high class tantric massage that offers you relaxation, emotional harmony and erotic empowerment. Delight sensual massage is an exquisite art that is based on the ancient knowledge of Tantra.
Our tantric sensual massage invites you to slow down, reconnect with your body and senses, and embrace the pleasures of conscious sensual touch.

What is Sensual Massage?

Delight sensual massage is a combination of sensual movements orchastrated in a delicious body to body massage with the esoteric kwowledge of your physical and energetic body. By definition, a sensual massage awakenes all your senses and celebrates especially the power of conscious touch and refined sensuality.

Delight sensual massage goes beyond the realm of therapeutic massage, focusing on the awakening of the senses, the exploration of your erogenous areas and the expansion of your awareness through certain precise techniques.

Your tantrika will perform sensual movements and a delicious body to body massage. She will slide on your body touching you with unexpected parts of her body. The sensual massage allows you to explore the richness of your own sensuality, to reach a high intensity and awareness of everything you feel.

The Art of Conscious Touch

At the core of Delight sensual massage is the art of conscious touch. Our professional tantrikas have an intense spiritual practice that increase their awareness over the energy flow and the ability to work wih it.

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During the tantric sensual massage, your tantrika uses a warm oil and pure essential oils to create a pleasant experience that is both deeply relaxing and highly arousing.

Every movement, every caress is deliberate, celebrating your body’s ability to experience pleasure. You will feel the happiness of experiencing the present moment and the delightful connection to your own body.

Sensual massage - Relaxation and Stress Removal

Sensual massage is a powerful tool for deep relaxation of your body and mind and emotional harmony. Performed after some relaxing and sometimes more rhythmic maneuvres, the sensual touch is very delicate and soft. Thus relaxation is much enhanced and it makes your senses more alive. Sensual massage generates a deep sense of tranquility. Now you are ready to go deep inside your being and embrace a moment of blissfull, deep relaxation.

Exploring Your Erogenous Areas

During your sensual massage your tantrika will activate the erogenous areas of your body. Her movements will awaken dormant sensations and desires, allowing you to embrace your sensuality without loosing control. Even if you experience intense feelings, she will be carefully direct all the awakened erotic energy in an ascending way. Thus, sensual massage is a means of empowering your with energy.

Neverending happiness

Delight sensual massage offers you the great opportunity to experience new dimensions of eroticism. Your tantrika will guide you towards the exploration and expansion of your awareness which will assure that you are in control of all your energies. You will never be in danger of losing your erotic potential.

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Thus, the Delight sensual massage never deprives you of your energy, on the contrary, you will experience intense, orgasmic pleasure in all your being.

From Body to Consciousness

Delight sensual massage acknowledges the connection between your body, mind and spirit. It is a practice that invites you to be fully present in the moment.

The special Tantra techniques performed during your sensual massage will unblock your energy channels and will lead to a profound sense of well-being and self-awareness.

The awakened erotic energies will slowly ascend in your being and will nourish your emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of your being. The intensity of the states will transport you into states beyond time and space, in a ecstatic bliss.

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Respect and Boundaries

A fundamental aspect of the Delight sensual massage is respect and consent. Our tantra massage parlour places a strong emphasis on boundaries and open communication. Together with your tantrika you will explore your desires and limitations in a safe and respectful manner. She will never go beyond your boundaries.

You are welcome at Delight tantra massage parlour

Delight sensual massage is an art that celebrates pleasure, relaxation, and the profound connection between body and soul in a sacred tantra massage session.

We invite you to our sensual massage parlour in order to embrace your sensuality, to discover our delightful realm of peace and happiness, away from the demands of everyday life. In a world in which loneliness and separation prevails, we invite you to enjoy the pleasures of touch and relaxation.

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Delight sensual massage offers you pure sensuality, affection, care and the opportunity to discover yourself. Sensual massage at Delight tantric massage centre in Glasgow is a celebration of the beauty of the human body and the exquisite joys it can offer.

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