tantric massage in Glasgow

Choose from the list below your desired session. Then enjoy your tantric massage!

  -£ 90 Relaxation Massage for 1h

Delight Tantric Massage for Men: 

  -£ 120 for 1hr 30mins;
  -£ 150 for 2hrs;
  -£ 220 for 3hrs;

  -£ 230 - Double Delight Massage (4 hands massage) for 1hr 30mins;
  -£ 270 - Double Delight Massage (4 hands massage) for 2hrs;

Delight Tantric Massage for Women:

  -£ 120 for 2hrs (this is a discounted price from £ 150)

Delight Tantric Massage for Couples:

  -£ 230 for 1hr 30mins;
  -£ 260 for 2hrs.

VIP Massage (is a special surprise each time):

  - £360 for 2h30min with 2 masseuses,
  - £540 for 2h30min with 3 masseuses


-£ 10 discount for students
-£ 10 discount for you if you bring a friend
-special free gifts for regular guests (ask in our centre)

Spice up your massage session with one of our extra options:

- Assisted Shower for £20 (a romantic moment in the company of your lovely masseuse before beginning the massage session),
- Sensual Dance for £30 (an enticing and unique moment of refined eroticism and beauty),
- Extra Massage Time: each 30 minutes for £45 (when you want to prolong the blissful session you have with your lovely masseuse).

Book your tantric massage!