tantric massage in Glasgow

Two reviews in one!! Visited Erica a few weeks ago and had the expected wonderful time. She managed to pass all my expectations. More recently renewed acquaintance with Cornelia last week. A highly welcome return of a wonderful young lady and wonderful to meet up again. Thank you both. Maybe the only solution is a four hand session with these excellent masseuses?

by , March 18, 2024

Recently, I've attended massage session with Cornelia. It's a second time of an extraordinary experience of having such nice body and mind relief. . She is a wonderful masseuse with fantastic warm touches and brilliant skills. It's an amazing professional and genuine tantric massage. I highly recommend people to attend Delight Massage Centre . Kind regards, A. Ali

by , February 13, 2024

Ellie, my first time and you not only opened my mind and body to tantra, we laughed, you danced, you are a kind and pure soul and your gift of time for me will never be forgotten, until next time, keep doing what you do and how you do it, you now have one more spiritual freind in me

by , October 20, 2023

I've attended recently a massage session with Cornelia. She is very kind and wonderful masseuse. She has amazing professional skills. It's genuinely relaxing tantric massage. It's a marvellous experience and big reward. Thank you Cornelia and thank you Delight massage team. A. Ali

by , September 19, 2023

I've attended recently massage session with Tara. Having a genuine tantric massage by Tara is a big prize. She uses her marvellous skills to pamper both body and soul. It's unforgettable session . I left the centre with excellent body and mind relief. It's a pleasure to have such nice experience. All masseuses there are beautiful, skilled and professional in their job. I highly recommend Glasgow Delight Tantric Massage to people who look for relaxation and relief for both physical and spirituality sides. Kind regards, A. Ali

by , August 11, 2023

Many thanks to Tara for the amazing, skilled and genuine tantric massage. It's an extraordinary experience to have such nice body relief, physically and spiritually. Tara is a wonderful masseuse, she has fantastic warm touches and brilliant skills. I highly recommend her for her brilliant skills. Also I highly recommend Glasgow Delight Massage to people who look for relaxation and relief from physical and emotional tension. Kind regards, A. Ali

by , July 11, 2023

Just had my first experience of tantric massage at Delight and I have to say it was wonderful and highly recommended. I was welcomed by the very beautiful Cristina, who has an amazing sensual touch and such positive energy. She made me feel so relaxed with her soft voice & gentle touch. She explained everything clearly at the start and by the end of the session I felt energized and yet calm at the same time. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but I can genuinely say it was a wonderful experience as I felt the energy moving up through my body. I highly recommend Delight for anyone that wants to experience the magic of a tantric massage and if you’re lucky you might get to spend some time with the lovely Cristina. Already looking forward to my next visit…

by , July 8, 2023

I had another wonderful massage at Delight last week. My masseuse was Cornelia who is extremely talented and also has a great sense of humour. I always enjoy her sessions and feel much better afterwards, just as I do after all my visits to Delight.. All the therapists that I have met there have been really excellent - very beautiful, very attentive and good to talk to, as well as being very skilful at massage.. I look forward to my next visit soon and to seeing Cornelia again.

by , June 28, 2023

Had a fantastic massage from Laura last week. As always at Delight I left relaxed and invigorated at the same time. Don't know how they maintain the high standard of masseuse. but long may it continue!! Thank you Laura and enjoy your trip back home.

by , May 15, 2023

I have been since 2018 due to work commitments and then Covid so when I knew I was coming to Glasgow and stressed out with work and life , I decided to book an appointment. I saw Rosie a gorgeous and very skilled professional from Hungary who made me most welcome. In 5 minutes she had cleared my mind and in 10 I felt my stress fly away and I was able to relax for the remainder of the appointment and when it was time to leave I felt a spring in my step and ready to take decisive action and not be stressed. Thank you Rosie.

by , April 13, 2023

I travel for a living. I finally found a professional tantric massage place which is hard to find. People were nice to me !!! It was an amazing energy and also legitimate. If you go here expecting some seedy-go somewhat else. Every in this establishment is above board. I met a girl called Andrea. She was incredibly beautiful and warm and friendly!! She was professional and nice. Did I mention she was beautiful. I left and I felt like a king. I will be a regular here when I’m passing thru. Five stars !!! The best experience ever. Thank you.

by , December 23, 2022

Thank you Andrea for a wonderful relaxing visit yesterday

by , December 16, 2022

First time to try delight. Booked a 2 hour session ended up staying for 4 because the masseuse, Layla, was exceptional and had a lot of positive energy. I haven’t got a chance to try anyone else but hoping to visit again when I’m in Glasgow next year.

by , December 10, 2022

There are so many reasons to be stressed. Coming here is the ultimate antidote to stress. The more willing you are to let go, the bigger the reward. Cornelia gave warm welcome on my first visit. It was the best I had felt that year. I have returned every week. Today I spent 4 hours with Andrea and it was special. It is meaningful. Anyone worried about anything, would be well advised to pay a visit.

by , November 28, 2022

Yesterday’s massage delivered everything promised on the website. My therapist, the sultry and very attractive Uma immediately put me at my ease and created just the right atmosphere. She provided an excellent sensuous and relaxing massage making me feel special. If I close my eyes I can still feel her gentle hands sliding over my body. Thank you Uma for a perfect experience.

by , November 26, 2022

Hi I just had a fantastic massage from the beautiful Sabrina. She was delightful and friendly and I really enjoyed the 2 hours I spent with her. I relaxed and let her do what she does best. It was very sensual and also very erotic. How can it not be when you are receiving a fantastic massage from a young beautiful woman. She was friendly and and polite. I loved being so close to her. It was so special and so relaxing. I feel so relaxed now after my massage several hours ago. I wish I could see lovely Sabrina again soon. But the next time I am free ,I will book with Sabrina again. She is a very special young woman.

by , September 9, 2022

Thank you Cristina for the message, it was fantastic and relaxing , you were wonderful and professional, thank you again and I hope to attend sessions in the future.

by , July 12, 2022

I had a great experience here. Cornelia was fantastic and I came out feeling extremely relaxed. Will definitely be back soon.

by , July 6, 2022

Visited this location recently and it is immaculate inside, always an encouraging sign with private shower and soft drinks available. I was greeted Cristina, a delightful invigorating lady. She immediately put me at ease with her dignified and graceful manner. I have previous experiences of massage. This type of tantric massage is the most profound experience that I have encountered and Cristina is an extremely knowledgeable and empathic guide into these ancient arts that’s purpose is to initially re-awaken a person to their residual energetic powers that lay dormant in our bodies, minds and soul due to the stresses and strains of modern society. I should stress this is not a sexual service although it was a profoundly erotic experience. Cristina was very professional and informal guiding me in the evolving self-awareness of sublimating the base sexual energy desires that were aroused. Such guidance then produced unexpected and unforeseen delights in me! After I departed the premises I felt elevated, clear minded and reflect it was like experiencing a deep cleansing of the body, mind and soul

by , June 15, 2022

Visited for a 2hr appointment today. I was welcomed by Maria who provided my Massage.. The experience is throughly recommended. The massage was excellent. Maria created the right atmosphere and gave some insight into philosophy of Tantra. JF

by , June 3, 2022


by , May 20, 2022

Just when you think the service can’t get any better along comes the best experience ever. Just had a session with Cornelia and can honestly say it was the best I have had at Delight. Can’t wait to see her again!

by , April 19, 2022

I have been visiting Delight regularly for over a year and have to say that this the most invigorating massage I have ever experienced. I have recurring shoulder, back and leg aches. Recently I have had stress related aches and I can feal the pain recede as the massage progresses. The girls at Delight are professionals. You get a lovely welcome no matter what girl , they explain what happens and what doesn't, the place is modern and spotless where you are treated with respect at all times. This is definitely not a sexual service and you may be shown the door if you do not return the respect the girls. This service could be described as addictive but is expensive and not for the faint hearted but is the top massage I would say in the West of Scotland. If you want treated like a king visit Delight Massage Glasgow

by , April 8, 2022

If your desire is simply a very pleasurable, yet professional massage, this establishment is a perfect choice. The beauty, character and femininity of the practitioners will not disappoint. But if you choose, there is far more to learn and experience than pleasure, if you truly have the discipline and intention. The women here will guide you and it will change your life. Yes, there is a financial investment to this form of personal development. But the value will become apparent when you see how the work manifests in your life. The benefits have been so profound that it has now become a privilege to work with these women. They are extremely rare and sacred.

by , March 28, 2022

I have visited on numerous occasions now. All the girls are gorgeous and make you feel welcome and relaxed. I spent 3 hours in Erica's company yesterday. It was a fantastic experience which I hope to repeat in the near future. As well as being stunning Erica is a beautiful person with a wonderful personality and is extremely talented when it comes to a tantric massage. I left both relaxed and invigorated. If you have never had a tantiric massage before, stop delaying and get yourself an appointment. You won't be disappointed.

by , January 15, 2022

This was my first experience of any kind of massage and I didn't know what to expect. I was somewhat nervous but was very soon put at ease. The assisted shower was a lovely experience and was a wonderful way to start the experience. Before the massage started everything was explained and I was put at ease. The massage itself surpassed all my expectations and Erica was a wonderful masseuse. I can't wait to return!

by , October 22, 2021

I have visited many times but on my last visit I had the lovely Layla who gave me a wonderful massage and I can honestly say that it was the best massage I have ever had at the end of the session I was totally destressed and relaxed as well as giving you a wonderful massage Layla is a lovely person if you have any doubts about visiting don't have it is first class

by , September 9, 2021

Hi I just had a fantastic massage from the beautiful Kama. She was delightful and friendly and I really enjoyed the 2 hours I spent with her. I relaxed and let her do what she does best. It was very sensual and also very erotic. How can it not be when you are receiving a fantastic massage from a young beautiful woman So many times I would become erect but Kama says this is normal and then I would relax and just enjoy her touching me and bringing her body close to me. I loved being so close to her. It was so special and devine. I feel so relaxed now after my massage several hours ago. I wish I could see lovely Kama again soon. But the next time I am free ,I will book with Kama. A special delightful young girl. Thanks Perry x

by , August 4, 2021

I have visited delight on many occasions and it has the correct name I visited again last weekend and had a four hands session with Cornelia and Layla I have never had a four hands session before but if anyone is not sure about it don't hesitate as the experience is truly wonderful and I will be having another one soon

by , April 6, 2021

Two V.I.P massages before xmas, with 3 of the girls, so sensual and relaxing, at times erotic, but enjoyable. It takes a lot of restraint, not to fall for temptation, so just have to put to your thoughts else where, and enjoy the massage. I left and went home, on a high, as I felt re-energized, and ready for anything My favourite masseuse out of the three has to be Bliss, as I found her so adorable and funny, and would definitely rebook at sometime

by , December 27, 2020

I have visited delight on many occasions and you are always treated like royalty especially the last few times that I have been and Layla is a wonderful lady and when she has finished your treatment you feel that you are on cloud nine

by , December 22, 2020

Thank you for the most amazing experience of relaxation I have ever experienced this was my first ever body to body massage and to be honest yes I was a bit nervous because I have MS and no longer have the body of a God but honestly the girl was a true angel in every way made me feel relaxed and totally comfortable not at any time did I feel she was just doing her job she was the true professional relating her body feeling through to mine her touch from her warm soft hands to my body was mind blowing she made me feel special took me to another world and everyone should experience that I was there for two and a half hours and it went in so fast so thank you for this amazing massage I will most definitely have further bookings and to anyone reading this and thinking about having tantric massage you could not go to a better place the girls are a credit to there profession and beautiful thanks again Brian 30th sep

by , September 30, 2020

I yesterday had a massage by the lovely Mary what a delightful lady the massage was very professional as always leaving me totally relaxed and looking forward to the next one regards Dave

by , February 13, 2020

Fantastic massage from Mary last week. Welcoming and professional and a first class massage. Left relaxed and invigorated at he same time and already looking forward to my next visit. All the masseuses at Delight have been wonderful but this was possibly the best I have had.

by , January 29, 2020

I had the absolute pleasure of spending 3 hours in the company of the amazing Laura earlier today. She truly is an incredible woman. Not only did she provide the most exquisite massage I have ever experienced; the sensual dance and assisted shower were both out of this world too. I had visited Delight 7 or 8 times previously and it genuinely seems to get better and better each time. Rest assured, I will be back for more in the not too distant future. I told Laura immediately afterwards that it felt like she had spent 3 hours showing me what heaven looks like and that’s no exaggeration. Laura is the 3rd or 4th masseuse I have spent time with but I am always made to feel right at home from the moment I arrive. Can not recommend a visit to Delight highly enough. Go on, give it a try. It really is the best decision you’ll ever make. Until next time...

by , December 23, 2019

I have visited delight several times now and it has the correct name as it is a delight to visit I had a 3 hour session with Rosie and she transported me to another world it was a wonderful experience and at the end of the session I felt totally relaxed and 3 days later I feel wonderful thanks again

by , November 4, 2019

Just had an amazing 3 hours with Cordelia; as usual a delight massage was sensual and relaxing but she is exceptional; different pressures and movements combined to make me feel de stressed and peaceful. Thank you and I will be back very soon

by , October 30, 2019

I have been a few time to have a massage and you are put totally at ease and Sara gave a wonderful and relaxing massage in a safe environment Sara is a beautiful godess regards Dave

by , October 9, 2019

The Handmaidens of Joy

What more can I write
about the Angels of Delight?
Such beauty in each face
so much joy and grace.

I stumbled into paradise,
here, not in the heavens.
These angels, all so nice,
are earthly handmaidens.

They pamper and they cosset you,
make all your dreams come true.
Surrounded by such beauties,
just what is a man to do?

So seek out these angels,
enjoy their loving care.
True pleasure is hard to find,
but you will find it there.

To all my Handmaidens of Joy
With Love

by , October 4, 2019

Sensual, exotic, stunning chrissie; a fabulous relaxing 2 hours; highly recommended

by , June 26, 2019

Words fail me. It is 3 hours since my massage and I am still blissed out and flying way above planet earth. I can't thank you enough Chrissy. That was transcendently beautiful. If anyone is genuinely interested in experiencing what tantric massage is genuinely all about then please visit this beautiful lady. I can't believe that was two hours. I remember joking afterwards that I would book for a week next time! I will see you again soon my beautiful friend. Welcome to Scotland! Note - there was no direct sexual contact during this massage, but there was unconditional loving touch :)

by , May 9, 2019

Hello I visited yesterday and was met by the beautiful Bliss who put me at ease and explained the way she would perform the massage. I have a stressful job and Bliss eventually got me to fully relax. Lying naked with a beautiful woman giving you a sensual massage it is not surprising to have an immediate erection. But Bliss explained it was normal and it relaxed me more. She said she wanted to channel my energy away from my groin area and up to my head. Eventually I think she achieved it. My erection subsided and I did not have the desire to ejaculate. It was a sureal experience for me. I hope to visit again and learn more about tantric massage and enjoy the company of a skilled beautiful woman gently stroking your body and you surrender to her touch and feel Thankyou Rafiq

by , January 19, 2019

I just had the most wonderful two hours. Thoroughly chilled and relaxed. I would thoroughly recommend a visit, you won’t be disappointed, I most certainly wasn’t.

by , November 30, 2018

Spent a wonderful time in the company of Maria. Charming and friendly with excellent skill in her hands and body. She made me very welcome and relaxed before providing an absolutely wonderful massage. Left feeling invigorated and at same time relaxed. Will certainly return. Thank you

by , November 22, 2018

I visited this afternoon and wasn't completely sure why awaited me. I was greeted by a most charming and caring lady whose skilled touch and kindness helped me relax and clear my mind for.the first time in about 5 years. I am still in cloud nine. Her skilled hands have also made.my should at hurt less than it has in about 15 years. If in Glasgow i would visit again at the drop of a hat. Thank you again.

by , October 3, 2018

A life altering experience, techniques everyone should experience and learn in order to function as a better tuned human being, I was told all the constituent parts would be but back in order, that’s a very good way of describing how I felt afterwards along side a feelings of contentment and clarity of thought.

by , September 7, 2018

Dear Ella, Thank you for an unforgettable experience... You put me at ease right away and I was able to completely surrender for two hours... So worth it ! What a priviledge to share such intimacy with a complete stranger and feel so good afterwards, I can still feel the benefits today. If anyone hesitates about getting a tantric massage, I can only say that it is the best investment you can make for your body, mind and spirit. Merci !

by , June 21, 2018

The Angels of Delight

I met the Angels of Delight
And they were beautiful and bright.
They made me welcome, they made me warm,
They gave me peace, and they gave me balm.

Their touch was gentle and feather soft
And I forgot that I’d been lost.
Within their arms I found sweet rest,
They made me feel I was the best.

They make all of my senses sing,
In their soft hands I want for nothing.
They make all of my dreams come true,
So I don’t feel so sad and blue.

If one day you are feeling down,
I know the place to go in town
To meet the Angels of Delight,
They’ll brig you joy, they’ll bring you light.

For all my Angels of Delight
With love

by , June 7, 2018

I have recently visited for massage. When I think of how I was so apprehensive, tense and even extremely nervous & uncomfortable on arrival the first time. I knew not what to expect but tried it non the less. Once I got passed the initial discomfort of the situation, Victoria the masseuse who was dealing with me completely put me at ease and relaxed. Such a warm, friendly relaxed person who was just great. It was a wonderful experience and I’m glad I got passed my initial nervousness. I have been a few times now and now that I am more relaxed it is just fantastic. Such a relaxing, powerfully uplifting experience and all credit to Victoria as she has such a warm honest friendly personality which makes it so special. Highly recommended to anyone who has similar reservations as I did, just go and try it. You will love it.

by , February 11, 2018

Dear Delight Massage, I came two days ago (Friday at 4:30 pm) for a massage. I have to tell you that this was a extremely strong and emotional moment for me... I won't forget this moment and I'm pretty sure it will change some important parts of my life. Could you please thanks the lady who massaged me (I forgot her name..?). I still get tears in my eyes thinking about her. She took care of me like no others did for years. My warmest regards, Thierry

by , October 1, 2017

Thank you Daria what an incredible massage. Your hands are truly wonderful and relaxing. I spent an hour and half being relaxed . Taking me to a new place of tranquility. Just the most wonderful experience. I could have spent all day there. Looking forward to next time Dave

by , August 14, 2017

What a fabulous experience just the best message I've ever had. Highly recommend this to all. Thanks definitely be back

by , August 14, 2017

First time experiencing a six hands massage and what an experience. Wow!!! Must try. You will be blown away. Aki

by , June 5, 2017

I found balance and harmony through the careful cleansing of mind and manipulation of body. Truly exquisite. Jonny

by , June 3, 2017

My therapist was beautiful, elegant and a very positive person and that reflects in her work. Very enjoyable massage from the moment I arrived until the time I left… and beyond. Until the next time. Thank you, Aki

by , May 31, 2017

It was sort of ultimate relaxation, which I have never experienced before. I let you in control. To get the most of it, you need to let go and to experience it completely. William

by , May 22, 2017

It is excellent, I liked all of it. Very good! I recommend it because it relaxes people and make people release the negative energy in a different way. Kenny

by , May 17, 2017

Great, beautiful experience! Amazing! I’ve been too many places but your center is the best so far. It was good, relaxing and my body was feeling very light. That is not happening very often. Paul

by , May 8, 2017

Thank you for the enlightening experience. I was not sure what I was getting myself into, but was pleasantly surprised. The massage felt like a journey of discovery. I look forward to further discoveries. Thank you, Mel

by , May 4, 2017

It is the best Tantric massage I’ve ever had. It was sensual,relaxing and loving. The therapist and loving. The therapist was absolutely beautiful and I will definitely be back tomorrow. The way she moved her body over mine… never experienced that before. I cannot think anything else. Honestly, with love, Nick

by , April 27, 2017

I recently had the Tantric Massage For Women here and I highly recommend that ladies treat themselves to this wonderful and relaxing experience. It was not my first tantric massage, but my first at this business, and I was very pleased with the whole experience from initial enquiry to the visit itself.
Going for a tantric massage can initially be a daunting thought for a lady. I myself am a reserved and private person, so allowing a complete stranger to give me a sensual massage is not a thing that I'd normally dive into.
Before arriving I was at first a little anxious that it might not be the experience or in the type of venue that I'd feel comfortable with; Would the massage parlor only be the type of venue where men go? Would it be discreet? Might it have a seedy edge? Would I find the whole situation awkward and not my scene? My concerns were very soon put to rest as soon as I arrived. The venue was beautiful, classy, clean, modern and private.
My masseuse was welcoming, polite and instantly put me at ease. She explained what the massage involved and was open to any questions I had.
It was bliss and I felt so relaxed and content. I highly recommend this massage for women. For anyone who wants to treat themself, or maybe lacks that sensual or intimate touch, or even just wants to experience what a tantric massage involves, then go for it.

by , April 23, 2017

"I had a fantastic 4 handed massage from the ladies at Delight last week! Ladies you know who you are? E & R were professional & made me so relaxed! It was a very close & sensual massage, body to body!
I've read some of the comments from other clients, who seemed to expect more than Delights website say's! They are not a sex service, they are Massage Therapists! The guys who said some comments should be ashamed of themselves & F off to Blythwood Sq or where ever, Amsterdam if you can't read and respect the Company's rules! " Robert ( A satisfied customer !) PS: No shoulder pain for the first time in 20 years! Thanks Ladies!! X

by , March 16, 2017

Thank you ladies, that was truly wonderful! A warm welcome, everything explained clearly, totally professional! I've booked another session in 2 weeks time. "E" thank you! My shoulder pains gone & I slept thru the night for the first time in a decade! I'm so chilled at the moment!

by , March 2, 2017

I already experience more tantra massage sessions in the last months here. Every experience is taking me further and it is most helpful in my life. Today I felt how my ability of clearing up my mind was improving especially with experiencing deep breathing during the massage. It was the first time I felt the effects of tingle which brought happiness and joy. It really took me to a new level regarding the control of refined erotic energy in my body. Ever so grateful to all.

by , January 15, 2017

I really enjoyed it. It was a wonderful and sublime experience... I went to have a massage with two angels. Their soft hands and soft words, together with the friendly and charming natures made me feel safe and relaxed. The therapists channeled the energy very well, helping me to float out of my body. Thank you, I really relax beyond believe and connect to my deepest core and feelings.

by , December 22, 2016

I had another wonderful massage today from Maya. Its hard to put in words how you can lose yourself during the massage. Would definitely recommend to treat yourself. Thanks.

by , November 4, 2016

The massage was lovely, absolutely wonderful. I feel completely distressed and very centered. My mind is blank which is a very good thing. Really good, thank you.

by , October 17, 2016

These massages have made me calm and relaxed, but there is something else as well. It’s like being me awake or slightly more aware.

by , September 29, 2016

It is an amazing experience.

by , September 22, 2016

This was a magical experience. I arrived quite skeptical and left completely relaxed and feeling better than I had in a long time. I would recommend this to everyone.

by , September 15, 2016

This was said in a most captivating whisper after the massage session… This is my 2nd time here and as good as the first time was, this 2nd experience went to a whole new level. All my senses were touched in a way that I have never experienced before and it has left me wanting to explore further the mystical and exhilarating world of tantra. The exotic bath in the beginning of the session made such a difference in me embracing the moment.

by , August 6, 2016

This has been the most satisfying and relaxing massage I have ever received. I would recommend the style of massage to everyone. The masseuse really knows what she is doing and she will guide you through your session.

by , July 26, 2016

Thanks. It was amazing, sure will be back.

by , July 10, 2016

Amazing experience.

by , July 2, 2016

The experience is totally out of this world as have now experienced 2 of the ladies at Massage Center and have found there is so many ways for the massage to be done and have enjoyed it in so many ways it has changed my life in way never thought it could do.

by , June 22, 2016

Today was my third experience here. It was wonderful and after each one I felt much better, more relaxed and more powerful, more concentrated and more determined.

by , June 14, 2016

Professional, welcoming and friendly staff make the experience one of kind. Essentially all of your senses are used to create an extremely relaxing atmosphere. Highly recommend!

by , June 8, 2016