tantric massage in Glasgow

Why every single person should experience a Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is a way of implementing the Tantric teachings into a whole body experience.
The goal of the tantric massage therapist is to awaken and increase the energy of your being in order to raise and elevate your vibration.

Since Tantric Massage focuses on your emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual health all at once, after the massage is over you will experience rapid stress reduction, increased vitality, improved circulation and lymph, accelerated physical healing.
The Tantric massage is a must for anyone looking for complete mind and body relaxation.

Relax Your Body

A Tantric Massage relaxes much more than just your sore back and shoulders. Every inch of your body- apart from the genital area- is attentively taken care of.

Emotional Healing

Our Erotic Massage improves your emotional health. You can anticipate countless emotionally benefits. Tantra Massage is a natural cure for stress, depression and lack of self-confidence.

Experiencing Pleasure

You will experience the pleasure of physical relaxation and the pleasure of spiritual equilibrium. The Tantric massage will also help you discover different types of pleasure and experience aphrodisiac efects.

Become Self-Conscious

A Tantric Massage involves surrendering in the hands of your masseuse. This way all embarrassments will disappear.
You will become more aware of yourself and acknowledge some parts of your inner-being that you weren’t conscious of before.

Improved Health

The Tantric Massage will improve your blood flow, your state of well-being, and diminish your stress. You will feel energized, enthusiastic and regenerated.
It is widely recognized that Tantric Massage is being able to help women with poor menstruation and menopause discomfort, and those who face difficulties conceiving children.
The Tantric Massage is also used in detoxification.

Other benefits of Erotic Massage:

  • Lower responsiveness to stress,
  • Better Breathing,
  • Improved sexual conditions,
  • Overcoming frustrations,
  • Connecting with your spiritual essence,
  • It creates a conscious link between you and the masseuse,
  • Tantric Massage unblocks your energy throughout the body,
  • It awakens the senses and activates whole-body healing,
  • Tantric massage is very relaxing.
  • Tantric massage can also relieve physical pain and emotional fear and guilt.
  • Tantric massage brings a sense of fulfilment and inner strength.
  • It can awaken parts of you that have remained repressed or "asleep."
  • The Tantric massage is just one of many healing treatments.
  • It can also help those with impeded sexual performance and mental depression.

The advantages of receiving a Tantric Massage

Delight Tantric Massage centre from Glasgow City invites you to a unique and adventurous type of massage. Some of the advantages of receiving a Tantric Massage are:

  • mental relaxation,
  • physical relaxation,
  • emotional relaxation,
  • bringing sexual healing,
  • stimulation of blood circulation,
  • removing the tension from the muscles,
  • reducing the blood pressure,
  • increasing the longevity,
  • improving good prostate health for men,
  • fading away the sexual inhibitions,
  • changing old concepts of intimacy,
  • emotional healing,
  • well being,
  • eliminating the stress,
  • getting rid of the depression,
  • enjoying pleasure,
  • reducing impotence,
  • restoring harmony,
  • reconnecting with your sexual energy,
  • embracing magical moments,
  • elevating your perception of sensuality,
  • balancing the mind body and spirit,
  • experiencing inner freedom,
  • increasing self awareness,
  • achieving harmony,
  • discovering the masculine power,
  • increasing the ability to love,
  • improving the love relationships,
  • elevating the sexual experiences,
  • understanding what masculinity is,
  • developing confidence,
  • relieving fear,
  • feeling more comfortable in the role of man,
  • learning how to use wisely your own energy.