How do I Know if I Need a Yoni Massage?

If you’re a woman who has never done a Yoni Massage before, these questions come naturally:
“Do I need one?”
“How do I know if I need one?”
“Is Yoni Massage for me?”
What is a Yoni Massage?
This article will help you find out the answer to your questions.

But first, let’s see shortly what a yoni massage is. It is an intimate massage of your vagina and genital area (that in Sanskrit is referred to as “Yoni”, meaning “sacred place”).
In Delight Tantric massage center from Glasgow it always starts with a gentle full body massage before slowly going to the yoni area. Here, different spots will be touched and delicately massaged in order to relax the area, to relieve tensions and to activate the reflex points.

Yoni massage is for you if:


  • You want a deeper connection with your body

Extended hours at the office, daily chores, stress, make us easily forget about giving us time to rest and renew. If you have felt disconnected from your body lately because you spend too much time in your head, yoni massage will be of great help.

Receiving a massage in Delight Tantric centre from Glasgow is a great way to relax and let go of the monkey mind. You will feel re-connected to your body and experience a new sense of wholeness.

  • You want to increase your sensuality

The effect of getting in touch with your own body and with your sweet feminine parts is that you will instantly feel more sensual, more open to intimacy. People, especially men, will immediately notice the difference.
You haven’t made love lately (more than a month).

As women, we need to take care of our yoni like we take care of any other part of our bodies. So, if more than a month has passed since last time you made love, massaging your yoni is a good way of taking care of “her”.

  • You want to increase the sensitivity of your vagina when making love

If there are numb areas inside your vagina, they could easily be activated in a few massage sessions in Delight Tantric massage centre. Many women experience numbness inside, just because certain reflex areas inside their yoni have never been activated.
Your vagina feels contracted and even painful during love making.

This happens due to accumulated tensions and stress inside your yoni (we are not talking about sexual trauma which might need medical or psychological attention).
The pain you feel in some spots inside your vagina could be released step by step once these spots are touched and massaged with care and loving attention.

  • You want to increase your orgasm ability

Once numbness is gone and the reflex points inside your yoni are activated through massage, your erotic energy starts to flow unobstructed. As a result you could experience orgasm more easily than before.
There are countless women who experienced a vaginal orgasm for the first time during a yoni massage.

Even if the orgasm is not the goal of a yoni massage session, your capacity for orgasm will increase.
You will feel that the love making with your beloved will have a different flavor when offering yourself regular sessions of yoni massage.

Each woman is different and each yoni session is different. If you want to give it a try and see for yourself the benefits of a yoni massage, just book a session in Delight Tantra massage centre from Glasgow.