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Premium Tantric Ritual

Enjoy the best in a top tantric experience made up of assisted shower, tantra massage, 5 senses ritual  and uplifting meditation


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Premium Tantric Journey: The Ultimate Tantra Experience

At Delight tantric erotic massage parlour in Glasgow, we are happy to offer you the ultimate tantric experience, an exclusive Premium Tantric Journey. We have put together the best of our talents and add-ons so that you will be spoiled like a king.

Premium Tantric Journey is an adventure of profound sensuality and elevated experience that goes beyond the ordinary. This luxurious tantric experience combines the art of tantric erotic massage with assisted shower and a five senses stimulations to offer you an unforgettable, indulgent escape from the everyday life.

The stages of Premium Tantric Journey

Stage 1

Assisted Shower

Your Premium Tantric Journey begins with some delightful sensual moments. Together with your tantrika, you will enjoy a delicious and erotic assisted shower.

Warm water cascades over your bodies, cleansing and relaxing you, setting the stage for the sensory adventure of erotic massage that is to come.

The intimate and still respectful nature of the assisted shower allows you to connect on a deeper level with your tantrika, creating an atmosphere of trust and intimacy that are neccessary for a great erotic massage.

Stage 2

Cosmic Integration

Delight Premium Tantric Journey continues with the opening of the gates for a cosmic experience that goes beyond time and space.

Before your erotic massage, your tantrika will lead you through the process of opening and connecting to the sublime, cosmic energies of the universe.

Stage 3

Five Senses Ritual

Now you are ready for a multi-faceted exploration of touch, taste, scent, sound and sight. Each of your senses will be tantalized and heightened to create a sensory symphony like no other during your erotic massage experience.

You will be pampered with the exotic flavors of aphrodisiac treats, the soothing aroma of essential oils, the melodic sounds of tranquil music, and an exotic sensual dance.

This ritual invites you to explore your sensuality on a profound level, igniting passion and experiencing the present moment.

Stage 4

Tantric Erotic Massage

The crowning jewel of the five senses ritual is the tantric erotic massage.

Your tantrika will use special maneuvres and conscious touch to unblock your energy, awaken your sensuality and expand your awareness.

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Stage 5

Spiritual Ascension

Your premium erotic massage concludes with a special meditation in which your tantrika will guide you towards the superior levels of your consciousness.

After an overwhelming sensual, erotic massage, it is time to enjoy the happiness of the present moment, anchoring the profound sensations and insights you have experienced.

The spiritual integration continues even after your Premium Tantric Journey ends. It is not uncommon to feel a deep sense of peace, clarity, and inner harmony in the hours and days following your tantric erotic massage.

The Premium Tantric Journey at Delight Parlour is not just a physical experience; it is a deep exprience that engages your soul. Our commitment to the spiritual integration of each session is what sets us apart, ensuring that every moment is imbued with happiness and awareness.

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We invite you to embark on this spiritual adventure with us, where every ending is a new beginning, and every moment is a testament to the beauty of Tantra.
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