tantric massage in Glasgow

We provide all shower facilities so you can enjoy a relaxing shower. We change towels and sheets after each guest and the room and bathroom are cleaned every time.
All our therapists are very beautiful and professional so you can trust you’ll be in good hands. At the moment of your arrival, the therapist that is available shall perform the massage for you.

However you are most welcome on your next visits to encounter all the therapists at our center. There is also the possibility to express your request on a therapist you already know and appreciate.
The best attitude is to surrender yourself in the gifted hands of your therapist so you can fully enjoy a new approach of tantric massage. The touch is in one direction only and you will be pampered as you have never been before.
Our tantric massages are professional services and are not meant to become a sexual experience.

Though the massage itself is very sensual and exciting the purpose is in no way a hidden or an open invitation for any sexual service. No such demands will be tolerated.
Yes, of course, you will easily find a place to park exactly in front of our centre.
Loyalty is always well rewarded. Our regular guests will receive special free gifts. Please ask in our centre for more details.
Tantra Massage is an original way to approach the body in full awareness. In this manner one gradually increases the capacity to take pleasure in.

The key for ‘surviving’ more pleasure is to increase awareness. Tantra Massage is teaching us to feel any touch at its maximum.

In this way one can greatly improve his/her relationship while learning to sense, appreciate and savor the approach of the other one. This will also considerably reflect over the intimate life with your lover.

With every breath you go deeper into staggering delight. Indescribable waves of inner satisfaction will touch your soul and improve your self-confidence.
We'd be delighted to answer any questions or queries you may have so do call us on +44 7543 198 989 or drop us a line on our contact form.